Email with encryption actived not working

sent email using SMTP work fine without ssl/tls encryption, but my hosting recommend use of ssl/tls authentication, when I configure that in my site the email is no longer sent? any idea ? i need to setup something for ssl/tls ?
Thank you

Cloudflare does not handle emails. You need to discuss this with your host.

before migration to cloudflare the authentication ssl/tls for email work fine ? why just now is stoped ? i think because i use the ssl of cloudflare that’s different of bluhosting one !

Make sure all mail related records are unproxied :grey:

yes all dns only

Then Cloudflare is not involved, you need to clarify this with your host.

I think the problem is some where in cloudflare but after many search i found if i use the bluehost domain name like this: the ssl/tls authentication work but with my domain name ssl/tls become timeout. thank you i well use the domain of hosting provider directlly

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