Email will not work. Mail servers are unreachable


So I am using cloudflare for my DNS servers and for security reason. My website is reachable, everything good except for the fact that I am going crazy over my email issue.

It seems like I can’t send/receive emails on any of my mailboxes. I checked my MX records and they are fine, also no proxy enabled on it. All my mail services are set up the way it is supposed to ( or im hoping ).

Domain is Mail server:

I have researched for 2 days now and I have no where else to go.

I think your MX record is misconfigured. The MX record is and it sounds like it should be pointed

Webmail seems to be working. But Outlook does not. Trying to configure my settings and it gives me the error "We couldn’t connect to the incoming (POP) server.


I am not sure if my smtp and pop3 servers are being found.

If your pop and smtp servers are being proxied by Cloudflare (DNS record will be :orange: ) then they will not work and Cloudflare won’t proxy those ports and the records will need to be :grey: for DNS only.

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