Email when MX was not set

Hi, I just setup a website on cloudflare, this is the 5th time adding website to cloudflare, but this time the MX records seems to be missing. Therefore I can’t receive any emails. Just realize on the 3rd day. I can send but not receiving. I have added the MX records on DNS section, and it runs well now. My question is where can i retrieve email that has been sent to me when the MX records wasn’t setup?


You can’t. If you did not have MX records emails could not be delivered and the sending servers will either have cancelled the request by now or they still have it queued for retry, in which case you will receive it now once they try again.

Thank you for your reply. The senders doesn’t get any bounce warning as well. So I think there is nothing I can do…

Then it might still be in their mail servers’ queues.

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