Email& Webpage Setup Guidance

Good afternoon. I have just acquired a domain for a new business venture and could use a bit of guidance on next steps. Im not planning on a large website, initially maybe 2 pages with a few pictures, and will need to link email as well. Being new and hoping to create something myself can anyone guide me where to begin? For what it’s worth I did get my domain here, but I am unsure if building my own small webpage is worth it.

Regards- Sean

Hey @sffloogie

Depending on what you want do to, I’d just grab a html template off theme forest then host it on Cloudflare Pages for free! (I’m assuming you’ve done some HTML before?)

Thanks so much!! I personally do not have any HTML skills, but have a coworker who does. I will ask him. That being said, how does one like me with no true "web building/HTML type skills pick a web builder etc…when so much of what I research on the web is paid sponsorships and biased reviews? I have no issue paying for someones professional work, and might end up doing so, but its hard to wade through the BS on the internet.

100% I know the feeling, I’d recommend checking out Youtube generally and . You don’t need to pay to learn most things in 2022 :slight_smile: Also the Cloudflare Dev discord has a code help channel you can post any questions :slight_smile:

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