Email was changed / reset code


I have changed email address via profile to another. Now I can’t login from any emails with current password.
Tried also reset password, but I cant get “reset code” to the new email. Old email is closed already (gmail).
Also tried to write to cloudflare support but I just get this “your email address is not listed as the owner of any Cloudflare account”.
How is possible to restore access to my profile?

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Hi @maks86,

Is there a chance that you could have mistyped the new email so that’s why you cannot now login? Did the reply from support give a ticket number, at all?.

I’ll escalate this post for the attention of the Customer Support Team so they can get back to you here.

Could be that your email is on our suppression list for unsubscribing. We can quickly fix this, but would need a ticket number or your email for this one.

Thank you for a fast reply!

Here is the tichet number “[Cloudflare Support] 2189022”.

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