Email Verification to Yandex Not Received

Hi -

I am trying to get the Email functionality to work in Cloudflare, and have successfully verified a number of destination email addresses. However, when it comes to verifying a Yandex email acct… The Cloudflare verification email does not show up in my Yandex email.

I’ve re-sent multiple times and each time, nothing shows up in my inbox.

Has anyone else had this issue?

I’ve not, might be better off asking in the community discord since the email forwarding team is very active on their :slight_smile:

It might also be that your email is on the Cloudflare suppression list (seems to be a common reason why verification emails don’t go through).

Pinging @cloonan (hope you don’t mind :slight_smile: Cloonan) who might be able to check for you.

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Thanks, @powelljl, @mcfadyeni!

That’s strange. Could all of Yandex be on the suppression list? This is a brand new address I created, so likely rules out any reasons due to past history?

I noticed this thread earlier today and thought about that as well @mcfadyeni but figured it would have to be an address that had a cf account and had opted out…possible but I did not investigate. I just did and the address that seems to be causing the issues is not on our blocklist. I would kick off another email to them @saint saint, but suspect this is related to a similar issue I’ve seen reported here from time to time…will investigate

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Thank you @cloonan! Please let me know what I can do to support or help provide additional context/information.

Hi @cloonan, wanted to check in to see if you’ve heard anything? I’ve been trying periodically throughout the past week, but am still not able to receive the verification emails being sent. :frowning:

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