Email verification - not received

Hi team,

I am having trouble viewing the Global API key because I am getting an error asking me to verify an email that I have not yet received. I have tried the same in an incognito window and the issue is still there. I have seen others have contact you to resend the email and it had helped to resolve the problem.

I hope you can send me another email, too.

Thank you.

Could you try it again now?

Hi, I have just tried and I am still getting the same error. Also in an incognito window. I also did not receive an email for now.

Did you click the resend button on ?

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That was the solution. Thank you very much for your speedy support.


Hi there, im having exactly the same issue. Ive checked junk/spam folders, added the two emails to allowed senders. Yes,also hit the resend verification email button, a few.times over the space of a few hours and now it wont let me request the email any more!! Seems a lot of ppl have this issue and no real solutions, any ideas?

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