Email Verification Not Coming to my Inbox

The Cloudflare email verification request is not coming into my inbox. I’ve tried several times. Can someone from Cloudflare please look into it? Thanks!

Sorry for the issues, can you give it a try again?

It’s still not coming through.

Do I need to have my IT guy allowlist the email address it is coming from?

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Yes. If they are not being delivered, that would help.

These addresses are what should be added to the allowlist at your origin mail server: [email protected] and [email protected]

I’ll allowlist those addresses and try the verification process again. Thanks!

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I just checked again and did see a bounce & took steps to remove the email from the list. :crossed_fingers:

I just tried again and it worked this time. I received the email and I was able to verify my email address. Thank you!!!

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