Email verification links not valid, can't verify account

An apparently familiar problem once marked as “solved” (paging @erisa-cf & @cloonan ).

I created a new Cloudflare account yesterday, I have only used one email and have not created any other users or anything like that. This is just a basic account verification. I need to get an API token and got the message (after filling out the template and trying to generate the token) that I needed to verify my email first. The link in my email gave the “No longer valid” response, which didn’t surprise me since it’s probably been 24hrs+ since it was sent, so I asked for a new one to be sent. Same problem.

I have since tried every “solution” previously provided here: deleting cookies, switching browsers, logging out and back in, using an incognito window, and every combination thereof. I’ve now been blocked from re-sending the email because of how many times I’ve tried.

I was able to open a ticket (#2885582) but I can’t even access the status page for my own ticket! Clicking the link from the ticket confirmation email sends me to a JSON file: error code 1000 “SSO failed. Please verify your email before sign in (sic) the support site” :upside_down_face:

Sorry for the issues, can you again to send yourself the verification email?

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I get the red band error at the bottom of the page: “You’ve tried to resend your verification email too many times. Please try again in one hour. (Code: 429)”

After twiddling my thumbs for an hour nothing has changed. Logged out, cleared all cache & cookies, opened the link in an incognito window, clicked to send a new email, opened that email in a new incognito window. Exactly the same result as every other time. Any other ideas?

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I am going to phone a friend on this one to have my colleagues in Support take a look at this. You’ll receive a copy of the ticket I open and can communicate with the team on that ticket.


Thank you!

Sorry for the issues, I created ticket 2885700 and you will have received a copy of it. I’ll flag that ticket and this topic for my colleagues.



I will be helping you out. I first want to confirm that you did get the email regarding the ticket that was opened on your behalf. So that we can make sure you are properly getting updates to the ticket Tim create. (ticket# 2885700)

Also, as another thing to try can you try to open this verification email from a phone not connected to your Wi-Fi? Do you see the same issue when using a mobile device on cellular network if you have one at your disposal?


Hello, I did get the email for the ticket but I am still unable to actually navigate to the ticket page linked in the email, I continue to get the JSON output telling me I need to verify my email. I can read the things you have posted because they are included in the email itself but I am unable to communicate from whatever ticket page being used. I find it absolutely baffling that I’m able to open a ticket without verifying my email but I can’t actually access the ticket without a verified email - even on a ticket created by staff.

Yes, I had done it before but I have again tried the link via an incognito window on my phone, disconnected from my local network and using mobile data from my phone provider. The old link gave the invalid message, I clicked for a new link to be send, closed everything and did it all over again with the new link and still received the invalid message. No difference.

I received an automated email an hour ago that says my ticket is going to automatically close if I don’t respond. I’m still unable to access the ticket portal. I responded to the email, if that “counts”.

I’ve now also tried “the usual” (log out, clear cache & cookies, new link, open in incognito) while connected to ProtonVPN and I still got the same result as before.

I’m not hearing from anyone… is there no weekend support?

I would not expect to hear anything during the weekend,


This can now be closed. Support verified my email manually in the backend so I’m set. Thanks for the assistance, all.