Email Verification Email Not Sending

Hello -

We set up our website and Cloudflare account yesterday and have initiated the Email Verification on the account several times and still have not received the email in order to obtain our Global API Key.

However, the activation email to join the Community site came right through. Not sure what is happening.


Did you check you spam folder? That where mine came through.

Hi @donations1 I noticed the bounced emails and corrected that and just sent you a verification token, lmk if that works for you. Sorry for the trouble.

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Thanks, got the email. Good to go now.

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Didn’t end up in spam, it was something on CF’s end. All good now.

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I am having this same issue. Any idea what i can do?

y, your email ended up on our internal suppression list, thank you for confirming. Let us know if anything else comes up.

I show the emails as being delivered and your email as verified but I wen through the routine to remove from the suppression list nonetheless as a justincase.

I’d check to ensure the following addresses are on the allowlist at your origin mail server: [email protected] and [email protected] and check your spam folder.

Let us know if you still encounter issues or if you’re good to go.

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