Email verification doesn't send

client told me his forwarding email was created,I sent the verification and he hadn’t finished now it wont send Im guessing the email dropped. any way to fix this?

Hi there,

This would be difficult to check without knowing your client email.
Have them check their spam folder and make sure they’re allowing emails from [email protected].
If this still does not solve the issue, have them either opening a ticket or at least replying here with an account created under the same email, so I can search it internally to see if there are any issues.

Take care.

it was m<redacted>
under the account a<redacted>

Hi there,

To avoid spam I redacted the email addresses.

I misunderstood the issue, please go to Email > Email Routing > Destination addresses and press Resend email next to the one that is pending verification:
Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 14.49.01

The email should arrive at their inbox, is not, have them check their spam folder.

Take care.

ive resent the email many times and its still not showing up any other things i can do?

I have had the same problem, in my case, I had the mail [email protected] in the Routing rules tab, waiting for verification and I also had the mail [email protected] in the Destination address tab waiting for verification. I tried many times to resend the verification code and it did not arrive. What worked for me was to delete the email [email protected] in the routing rules tab, resend the verification in the Destination address tab, this time the verification email arrived, after it arrived, add the email in the Routing rules tab.

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Tried this still doesn’t send the verification to the email