Email - Users cannot send email to our domain

Hi there,
I could not find the answer to this specific issue.
I ,moved my domain from microsoft to Cloudflare so I can configre our own DNS etc.

That is all done now and domain is active, but users cannot send email, and we are not receiving email.

Starting to get very frustrating. I am new to this level of things, would really like some help please


Make sure all email related hostnames (eg mail, pop, imap, smtp, etc) are set to DNS-only.

Other than that, what is your domain name? Without the domain, we have no way of knowing what your real issue is and offer any assistance.

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Hi, thanks for that, they are DNS only.
domain name is

Everyone gets responses saying cannot be found

Kind regards

The MX records for that domain fully resolve, and email for that domain are handled by Google, though I do see a single entry for Outlook, which is a bit suspicious.

Who is getting these messages? Users of your domain should not see such a message, as they will be logged into Google (or Outlook) to use their email services. Outsiders sending email to your domain should have no issue with knowing where to send that email, as the MX records resolve.

Hi sdayman,
thanks for your reply. anyone from outside the domain are unable to send emails to us.

What I did was as follows…

The domain was originally purchased through HostPapa (who also has InternetX) but had all of the mx, dns names etc with Microsoft.

I wanted to change that to google. the only way I could do this (or so I was told at the time) was to move the host to Cloudflare, then I could change MX, DNS etc as and when required, which appealed to me.

So I got the Hostpapa people to change the records to point to Google, and in that task was to also move my host to Cloudflare. Now we have this situation, which I don’t seem to be able to resolve…

Hopefully I will get there soon.

Kind regards

Right now you have MX records set up for both Microsoft and Google. One or the other of those needs to go.

You also have two SPF records (type TXT), one each for Microsoft and Google, and one of those needs to be deleted as well. There is a third TXT record that looks like an attempt to create an SPF record, but it’s formatted wrong, and that should also be deleted.

If you’re not sure what this means, please post a screenshot of the DNS settings in your Cloudflare dashboard.


Hi i40west,

Good point I should have posted that up first…here it is.

Kind regards

The first MX record is for Outlook and should be deleted (assuming you’re wanting to use Google). This one will cause your email to go to Microsoft as it has the lowest precedence (zero).

The first and third TXT records should be deleted. They will interfere with your ability to send email to other systems.

The autodiscover CNAME is also for Outlook, if you’re not using that email service anymore this needs to go as well.

I don’t know about the second and third CNAME entries; I don’t know what they are for, but if they are for Microsoft’s email service they can go. If they’re for something else they should stay.


Hi again,

Have made those changes, still no incoming email, but also I can’t send email.

None of those changes would affect sending though i think.

Do I need to wait 24 hours after making those changes?

No, you don’t. The changes are active now, I can see them just fine. Your domain has Google MX records only. Something else is wrong, probably with your email client configuration. What happens if someone sends you an email? Does it bounce? Or is the problem that the new emails don’t show up in your email program?

If you use a different email address with a different provider, and send an email to your domain, what happens? If you don’t have a way to try this, PM me an email address and I’ll try sending something to it.

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I just sent myself an email from an external address, and yes it did come through, got my wife to send one too and that worked…

Hopefully those bounced messages will come through now…

Thanks heaps for your help, much appreciated.


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If they bounced with a 5XX error they will not. If they were only 4XX bounces, the sending server should retry delivery. Any permanent failures (5XX) will need to be sent again.


Well I thought it was solved, however I received over 500 or these messages this morning…
I really don’t understand this…

Thanks, but still looks like I am having issues

Such bounces can very well be delayed, just like normal email would.

For example, if we’re looking at the time, when you had e.g. your MX records misconfigured, as it appears previously in this thread, the other end may not necessarily have been able to reach your end, to deliver the bounces at that time

Therefore, the other end will re-try delivering these bounces, until a certain point.

A pretty common (and default setting) is re-trying until a message is ~ 120 hours (5 days) old.

This one makes me wonder though, …

If we’re focussing on the specific mailbox, that you’re seeing these “Mail Delivery Subsystem” messages in, …

Did you actually try to send an email with a subject line of “Don't miss out - save up to $54 on AncestryDNA”, from that exact mailbox, towards that address?

And what about the following one, the subject of “A new mindset for a new month”, did you send a such one, from that exact mailbox, towards that address, too?

I didn’t send the initial email, these are just messages being sent to me. I did try a reply like you said, but nothing back yet.

Have I answered that correctly, as in have I understood what you have said…?


OK, Hi Again,

I am still not receiving any emails to my account, this is now my current dns records, what could I be missing?

Hi again,

Does this DNS record sheet look OK to you? Reason I ask is that it is not working :frowning:

I don’t see anything wrong with your DNS. Could the problem be with your Google setup?

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Good point re google, I’ll check into that further.


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