Email transfer to Cloudfare

  1. Can I transfer my current business custom email to Cloudflare, as in i don’t need to use an email hosting company?
  2. Will all the older emails be transferred too?

Cloudflare email service is forwarding only. You do not want to swap over.

Do you mean it can not be done or I should not for some reason?

I’m with GApps free version which is coming to an end, so i have to transfer to another paid email service?

If you are using it for business, I encourage you consider using a paid email plan, whether it is simply moving to Google Workspace billing, or another provider. If you move, you need to plan an email migration if you need any of your old email.

If your domain usage is strictly non-commercial, there is now a personal non-commercial use option.

As @Cyb3r-Jak3 pointed out, you still need a complete email solution to use. The sole function of Cloudflare Email Routing is to forward your domain email to your email inbox elsewhere. You can’t send outbound mail through Cloudflare Email Routing either, so your mailbox needs to support sending from your domain if you need that capability.


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