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After installing cloudflare on my website, Thunderbird and Windows email app stopped synching my email. On DNS here I only have mail and webmail marked as “DNS only”.

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The webmail hostname probably doesn’t need to be :grey:.

Have you checked your Thunderbird account settings to make sure that it is trying to connect to the mail hostname?

Do I need to add ?

My website is running just fine. But I see an alert message on DNS settings on Plesk:

The website’s domain name does not resolve or resolves to a different IP address.

To put your website online, update DNS settings on the side of your domain registrar or external DNS provider.

Forget about that warning from Plesk. It appears because Plesk is unaware that Cloudflare is proxying traffic to your website. It also has nothing to do with your email question, so if you want to delve further into that, it should be in a new topic, but there really isn’t anything else to say about it.

Probably. Does Thunderbird currently have only your domain without the mail hostname of your mail server? If it does, that would explain your trouble with your email, since the apex name is normally :orange: Proxied which does not work with email.

I found this video on YouTube:
How to use Email with Cloudflare in Plesk from Rootpal

Followed the step by step and it’s working now.

The how-to is: adding the SRV missing on Cloudflare records from Plesk (SMTP tcp and IMAP tcp) into Cloudflare.

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I’m glad to hear it.

After doing some tests, it is working on any desktop email apps (Windows mail app, Thunderbird)

But it won’t sync or connect using a mobile app (Gmail / Outlook)

If you are on Android, you might test with K-9 Mail which recently joined the Thunderbird family.

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