Email subdomain DNS setup not working


I’ve been trying to setup a sub domain for DNS control in Cloudflare.

Turns out all options I tried hasn’t worked. I have a domain like ‘’ configured and want to setup the ‘’:

So what we are doing is, as recommended by the file sent (by Salesforce), I added the following entries in DNS in the main domain on Cloudflare:

(sorry I had to remove domain otherwise couldn’t post)

email               IN MX 10        domain.
email               IN A            **********

email.bounce          IN MX 10        bounce-domain.
email.reply           IN MX 10        reply-domain.
email.leave           IN MX 10        reply-domain.

email.image           IN CNAME        images-domain.
email.view            IN CNAME        view-domain.           IN CNAME        click-domain.
email.pages           IN CNAME        pages-domain.           IN CNAME        pub-domain.

email               IN TXT          "v=spf1 include:cust-***.blablabla -all"
email.bounce          IN TXT          "v=spf1 include:cust-***.blablabla -all"
email.reply           IN TXT          "v=spf1 include:cust-***.blablabla -all"

50dkim1._domainkey  IN TXT ( "v=DKIM1; k=rsa;*******" )

The thing is, when I do a dig any I can’t see any of this entries. It doesn’t show anything. As a matter of fact, it shows only:

“email domain”. 3789 IN HINFO “RFC8482” “”

What am I doing wrong?

Any help is very much appreciated.


What’s the domain itself so we can see what records are there?

Hi sdayman,


Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

I can confirm it’s not behaving as expected. I’m also not getting CNAME responses for those email subdomains. Are you on a paid plan and have CNAME flattening enabled for subdomains? That’s a setting on the DNS page.

Can you also post a screenshot of those MX, CNAME, and TXT records?

@cs-cf seems to be around right now. Maybe he can take a peek.


Looks like we have a setting set as “Flatten CNAME as root”.

We are in a paid plan, yes.

Sorry for the ignorance, but do you mean screenshot of the current configuration or of the configuration we want to add to the setup?

If it’s the latter:

Flatten CNAME is at root. Using the other option to flatten subdomains also sometimes causes problems. But Root flattening is a good setting.

I was asking about a screenshot from the Cloudflare DNS page. Just the MX, CNAME, and TXT sections.


Ah, ok. Sorry for the confusion. Here it goes: (I exported from Cloudflare)

Well…that was interesting. I had the subdomains backwards. Your original post had entries like email.bounce. But I’m getting dig results for them. What’s one that you’re not able to get?

So this resolves

dig mx +short

However the error you posted

“email domain”. 3789 IN HINFO “RFC8482” “”

The answer to this is in the response RFC8482 is an RFC which defines a response for a server which doesn’t support the ANY command.

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Oh god. Feel so stupid now. I should have searched for RFC8482.

Anyway, thank you guys. Much appreciated.

Have a nice day.


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