Email stops receiving when changing GoDaddy nameservers away from CloudFlare

Hi all,

I’ve recently made a websitesite for a friend (let’s call him Bob) and his business using GitHub Pages as the host/storage. Bob already had multiple domains registered with GoDaddy, so I went onto GoDaddy to create/change the necessary DNS changes needed so the domains would point to the GHPages site. Part of this required a change of the Nameservers to be change from Cloudflare to GoDaddy’s own.
All changes were made, and in no time the domains were pointing to the right place … however … since then, Bob had not received any emails.
Luckily I noted the original Nameservers, so changed it back to CF and presto, emails worked.

With the aim to keep everything on GoDaddy, I created a CF account and registered Bob’s main domain (not sure if that should be possible from a security perspective?) and exported all the DNS settings - this is when I noticed/realised that the MX and TXT records weren’t on GoDaddy. I then imported all the DNS (including MX and TXT) and changed the Nameservers back to GoDaddy’s default. Website was then back up and working, but emails stopped again.

Not really sure what else needs changing, or if to leave the Nameservers with CF and setup the GHPages to run that way, and I’m not sure if it’s related but GoDaddy TTL settings only allow for the lowest setting of 600 seconds - I read that CF’s ‘automatic’ setting is 300 seconds.

It sounds like there’s an issue with the GoDaddy setup. You should contact them to get this sorted out.

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