Email stopped working when switching to Cloudflare

Hello, I am new here and new to Cloudflare.

A few days ago, I activated Cloudflare for a WordPress website and it seems to be partially working. However, the email seems to have stopped working since the switch.

Firstly, I have searched on here at similar threads but wasn’t able to resolve the issue. (It appears to be a common issue here)

I use Outlook on my laptop and phone to send and receive emails from my custom domain. However, I can no longer access Outlook. I still use the same recommended settings for IMAP, but it just appears to time out and won’t connect.

Additionally, I have tried logging in via my webmail, which I can access. However, I can send emails from webmail but not receive them.

I have changed the web-related proxies in Cloudflare to DNS only, as suggested by many people on the forum, but still no luck.

I’m not sure what else I can do other than turn Cloudflare off and go back to what I was previously using.


Without you sharing any specific information (like your domain and what email service you use), I can only recommend you doublecheck that all email-related DNS records are set to DNS-Only.

Thank you.

I use Outlook for my mail.

I’ll add a screenshot below. I’m not sure which bits I’m supposed to keep private so please let me know.

Your MX record should not be, but That means, change the value on the right side, not the name.

Then you should be able to receive emails again. Also, make sure that you use to connect in Outlook, not

That would not have made a difference before using Cloudflare, but now it does.

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Does this mean I need to delete the existing mail one under CNAME and change the MX record to with priority of 0?

Now my site is down completely.

Error 1016

Ray ID: 88152731acff8423 2024-05-09 22:33:46 UTC

Origin DNS error

No, don’t touch that.


You were not supposed to make any changes, except to your MX record. That can’t make your site go down.

Actually, I see that you DO need to delete the mail CNAME record and replace it with an A record with name mail and your server IP as the value.

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I made the changes, but it still doesn’t work, unfortunately.

Your screenshot shows that you have not changed your MX record yet.

Yes, my bad. I have now changed it and also added the SPF as indicated in the previous screen. It now seems like my mail is working on Outlook.

But my actual website is still down and showing an error:

Error 1016 Ray ID: 8816110cdc102da4 • 2024-05-10 01:13:25 UTC
Origin DNS error

Any idea what I may have accidentally done/changed/removed from the screenshot?

Thank you for the help

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You seem to have fixed it for your apex domain, but not yet for the www subdomain. Did you make any changes?

Ah, I didn’t realize that the www wasn’t working. My site seems slower on GTMetrix and Pingdom too.

The change I made was adding an A and removing one of the CNAME or something similar.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but I’m thinking maybe to temporarily remove Cloudflare and start it fresh tomorrow, being mindful of the setup. At this point, I don’t know what to change. (This is all brand new to me)

I just tried removing CNAME
and added the www as an A record. Now www is working.

Is [Preformatted text]( this important? Do I need to add it back?

No, it does make no sense for that CNAME to be there. Your change looks good.

Thanks. Good to know.

My site seems slower, so I don’t know why.

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