Email stopped working my records issue

My email - gmail has stopped working, I can send but not receive. I spoke to google and they said it was an mx records issue, so I have tried to log in to my cloudflare account to fix this, but I cannot remember my password, I can’t do a password reset because I am not receiving email :sob:
Any suggestions would be really appreciated ( it’s not the current account I am logged in to on here

Hi @studio23,

So to clarify, you forgot your Cloudflare account password and can’t reset it because your emails aren’t working so you don’t receive the link? The email used is on a domain that’s in your Cloudflare account?

Are you using GSuite/Google Workspace? Can you share the domain name?

Hello yes that’s all correct, using gsuite domain is

Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me

Your MX record currently points to, do you have any access to wherever that points (possibly a previous provider) to retrieve the email that Cloudflare is sending?

If not, I don’t think you will be able to recover access to the Cloudflare account with your domain, since you cannot prove ownership of it via the email. You may have to create a new account and move the domain there.

I don’t know what has happened, as far as I’m aware it’s always been with cloudflare, it’s so frustrating, why would it suddenly just break so to speak?
Sorry I’m not sure what to do, you mention creating a new account and move the domain there…
where would I create the account ? Sorry if I being dumb… and would they enable me to have access to my jellybead emails

The MX record wouldn’t have changed itself, did you previously use a different email provider and more recently switch to GSuite?

I was referring to creating a new Cloudflare account if you are unable to get back into your old one.

I haven’t used a different email provider, and haven’t logged in to cloudflare to change anything…as I don’t know the password, I’ve been with gsuite for around 2 years since I made the website.
Would I just be able to abandon the old cloudflare and would I then be able to access my Jellybead emails?

Looking at the History on SecurityTrails I can see that the MX records changed from Google two days ago.

Do you still have access to the account with your registrar? Without this, you could not move the domain to a new Cloudflare account.

Did you give API keys/tokens to any service?

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Would this be Yola?
And I don’t believe I gave api keys or tokens to anyone ( I’m sorry most of this is not familiar to me)

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