Email SPAM - MX Records - Help

Hello, I am not sure which category to post but the problem is I am sending emails out to our subscribers with SENDY via AWS and 98% of them are going to SPAM folder. Hosting told me this could be a permissions issue, but I am not sure what is happening.

This likely isn’t an issue with Cloudflare, nor your MX records.

Make sure Amazon SES is properly configured with DKIM and SPF so that email providers can build a reputation for your domain. If DKIM/SPF isn’t set up correctly, providers will use the reputation of your sending IP address to determine if it’s spam email and since SES is commonly used for spam it will almost always end up in the spam folder.

It also may be a good idea to get a dedicated IP address which will nullify whatever bad IP reputation you may get with the default Amazon SES shared IP addresses.

Thats a good point, I think I sent from a VPN, which is probably a bad idea…
As for your first point, how do I properly config the two steps you mentioned?

Also, I am logged into my AWS now, and I clicked on ‘verify domain’ which provides me Domain Verification Record and Email Receiving Record. Should this be copied over to Cloudflare?

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