Email smtp credential

I have been given access for Beta Email Forwarding.
So, now I can create alias and route them to my gmail.

I want to know whether we can get SMTP credential so that we can send email from our [email protected] email address? Is this possible?
For improvmx, it is paid option. So, is this available in Cloudflare?


Thank you for your question and interest.

I am afraid sending e-mails is not possible yet. Only to use it as a forwarding/catch e-mail address to forward (route) incoming e-mails to your true destination e-mail (Gmail).

You would still have to use a Gmail e-mail address when you want to send e-mails/answers to them.

Nevertheless, feel are free to create another topic and provide details about your future Feature request (do not forget to add it to the “Feedback → Feature Request Submitting & Feedback” category to enable voting) about this idea :wink:

Kindly, take a look at current submitted feature requests (maybe there is already one the same as you are mentioning):

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