Email Setup For First Time User TYIA!

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I am a complete newbie, and setting up my email is a totally new thing for me.

I ordered 3 email accounts to go with my domain, and have gotten most of them set up with help of the subdomain company.

BUT NOW, there’s a problem with doing the SRV for the

It’s Type is SRV,

Name (name of my web page .com),

Service is,

Protocol is TCP,

TTL is auto,

Priority is 0,

Weight is 0,

Port is (it’s a secret haha),

Target is what? I have no idea what to put into the Target box.


That has to come from your hosting provider. Cloudflare is only providing DNS and web proxy services. But if that target is one of your hostnames, that target hostname will have to be set to :grey: in order process email.

@sdayman Thank you for your reply.

I don’t see an option for the cloud, in that position it show DNS only.

I have an idea what it may be, so I’ll write it in.

Thank you for your input!

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