Email settings DKIM and SPF settings

I enquired with my ISP about my emails going to junk frequently with my customers, and they suggested I needed to change these DKIM and SPF settings here in cloudflare.

Would love a suggestion on what this means and how I do it!



Does your ISP provide your mail server, or are you using a mail provider like ProtonMail, Office 365 or Google?

SPF, DKIM and DMARC provide you with a mechanism to prevent your email domain being spoofed, and not a way to guarantee delivery to the inbox. But they can help improve the reputation of your mail. (If they were a guarantee of getting to the inbox, every Nigerian Prince would use them!)

Setting up DKIM is a three stage activity. You generate keys for your mail server, you add those keys to DNS, and then you start signing mail on your mail server.

SPF requires you to know where email is being sent from for your domain.

Thanks Michael. My web host for my domains provides them from what they showed me last time I was on the phone with them. So I guess I have these keys you’re talking about, but I don’t know where to go in Cloudflare to put them. Any chance you could share some screenshots?

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Start here. There is some specific guidance on DKIM and SPF records.

If your provider has asked you to create a CNAME, make sure it is :grey: on the DNS panel of the Cloudflare dashboard.

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