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Can I use 2 email server for one domain one for receiving email Cloudflare and other one for sending email.
If anyone know how can I do it please reply as Cloudflare don’t allow creation of more MX record after it’s email forwarding has set up.

MX records are only for inbound mail. Cloudflare Email Routing is an inbound only email forwarding service. Your MX records need to remain as configured by Cloudflare if you want to use the service. You will need to use another server for sending mail.

Outbound mail servers do not use your MX record. You will want to have valid authentication records configured for your outbound email.

I am using mutantmail for sending email as I will not be sending regularly rarely need to send so it’s sufficient for me. And in mutantmail I can send email to anyone by sending email to mydomain by adjusting it like fromtodomain@mydomain. So is there any option that I can set like use lowest priority (with highest number) will the mail when I send it to myself and highest priority will handle regular mail which I send to other peeps.

No. You cannot use Cloudflare Email Routing and another MX destination at the same time. You will have to pick one or the other.

You may have success using a subdomain as described in the Mutant Mail FAQ entry linked below.

Can I keep using my domain on Google Workspace (G-Suite)?

So can I point a mx to subdomain like anything+anything=anything.mydomain or anything=anything.mydomain to another server as anyone will be not sending email there and I can use it to send emails. If yes then How?

No. This Cloudflare article may help.

What is a DNS MX record?

You will need to direct your Mutant Mail questions to them.

You may be better off to pick either Cloudflare email routing or Mutant Mail.

Yeah I am using Cloudflare for receiving email but it not let me send mails like that ,for sending email I have to add every alias in Gmail SMTP setting while mutantmail let me send from any without adding personally. But it can’t be used for receiving as it only allow 25 alias per domain which will be soon be fill and need to manually remove old alias to receive more emails from new alias which is not efficient for long term. So searching a way for both to work!

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