Email servers down until DNS change but can't get 2fa to log in as not getting mail

Title says it all. Need CF help. Can’t receive 2fa email to log in. But need to log in to fix DNS settings for email.

Hi @ajohnson.castlecary

Can you confirm that the issue has been solved as I can see that you have been logged into the account on April 9th?

If you have 2FA issues, you can create an account ticket and have 2FA removed.

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Hi Louise,
Yes resolved. As our issue forced a change of IP address. This took down our inbound email and presented CF login attempts as coming from a new IP so triggered the email confirmation of a new device to allow us to log into CF, which of course we couldn’t receive. We were forced to temporarily switch nameservers to get a partial zone that would let the email confirmations through so we could log in to CF, reconfigure, and switch nameservers back.

Lesson learned, although it was a bit of a catch 22 loop for a nervous while.

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