Email server

I am struggling to setup my MX records.
I host my own mail server under
I have done my setup exactly like your video tutorial but it does not work.

MX should point to a hostname that is set to :grey:. If you need more assistance, please post the actual domain name.

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the domain name is

by the way that is not what the Cloudflare MX video tutorial says. It explicitly says that IP can stay Proxied

I don’t know which tutorial you’re looking at, but Cloudflare does not proxy email connections.

At the moment, does not resolve.

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Could you please send the link to that video?
Which video says that?

See a recent information about MX records and possible ways at this reply here:

So what is wrong in my setup. I followed the video and then I even greyed out the A record . Why is this so complicated. Its the most basic functionality that every user needs, an email server

this is the video. It is also the orgiginal video from your website when you search in tutorials.

The MX record from the video as far as I have checked is “DNS-only”, so :grey: cloud it is if we compare it to a CNAME and A from the video which are :orange: cloud.

Later in the video when the user has added a new A record as a mail-subdomain, again the user clicks on the cloud to make it :grey: one.

That’s the only way you can have as far as in my previous reply, and @sdayman’s one regarding the MX record and not being proxied via Cloudflare.

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Quick check:

Seems like you have an MX record but it is not pointed to an IP address.
Kindly to make it work, point your A mail record to an IP address where your email host is to make it work.

that snot what i see on the video. Looking at the Option 1 he proposes:
There are only two relevant records
A record [proxied orange]
mx record

thats it. The he goes on to Option 2 which as I understand it is used when one has an email server hosted on a separate IP address (which is not what I have).

OK I will try this, but again thats not what your tutorial video proposes under Option 1.

Well, most people who have or ar at the shared web server, have got both web and email on the same IP address due to costs, etc.

To provide external security over your worry about being DDoSed or some other attacks because your MX record would also expose your web server IP address, that issue should the hosting provider cover and take care of, if so.

not sure what you mean. As I said I do have both web and email on the same IP and it still doesnt work

still doesnt work.
What setting should I change please?

Your IP as far as I see is behind a VPN connection or?
You pointed your MX to your VPN, but does your VPN has an open ports to listen connections for email server?

Did it worked before you have added your domain to the Cloudflare?

Quick check for 53, 110, 251, 143, 993, 995, 587 - all are closed:

that is my ip

there is no vpn

my ports are open

Okay. I have tried to send an simple email to some user for example [email protected] and got this as result:

SMTP error from remote server for RCPT TO command, host: ( reason: 554 5.7.1 <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])>: Relay access denied

The good news, you have figured out how to setup your MX and A record for your domain to make your email work which is a quetsion of the topic :wink:

Moreover, what email server are you using? Postfix and Dovecot or some other?