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Hi, my domain on Namecheap is pointing to Cloudflare nameserver. My Cloudflare DNS is pointing to IP which I host the files on it.

My question is I want to have my email sent and received from another server on IP

Do I need to add the MX record on Cloudflare pointing to How should I do it correctly?

I do notuse any email right now.

In that case you simply add an A record pointing to that IP address. Make sure it is :grey:. And then you add an MX record pointing to that very A record.

Adding DNS Records has all the details.

Let’s assume this:

  1. I have a domain (domain-name-com) with Namecheap and use the Cloudflare nameservers in the NS record. I also use the Cloudflare Nameservers in WHM/cPanel.(server A)
  2. In Cloudflare, I created the A Record pointing IP to server A (WHM/cPanel) that I host the site.
  3. I plan to use server B (another cPanel hosting) to manage emails for the domain-name dot com.
  4. Now, I need to add A Record (mail.domain-name-com) in Cloudflare pointing to server B’s IP and add an MX record (Name: domain-name-com, Mail Server: mail.domain-name-com).

My question:

  1. Do I need to park the domain-name-com in server B?
  2. If no need, how do I create email addresses from server B since the domain never existed?
  3. If I have to park the domain in server B, should I add the server B nameservers in Cloudflare? (Name: domain-name-com, Nameserver: Server B nameservers)

I hope you can show me the right way of doing this, thank you in advance for your help.

P/s: domain-name-com is actually meant, cannot post more than 4 links as a new user.

Emails have nothing to do with parking, you really just need to follow aforementioned steps to be able to receive emails on the desired server. Of course the server needs to be appropriately configured but that’s beyond the scope of the forum here unfortunately.

Is there something unclear about the two records?

Thanks for your explanation, I will check the way to configure server B so that it can manage the emails for the domain.

The last question I want to confirm regarding the two records that I need to update on Cloudflare, please help to confirm if the followings are correct:

  1. A Record: Name: mail.domain-name-com | IPv4 address: Server B’s IP address
  2. MX Record: Name: domain-name-com | Mail server: mail.domain-name-com


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Correct, these are the right records.

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Yes, Correct !

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