Email Server Clicks Issue - SSL Working Correctly?

Hi there - we recently signed up for Cloudflare as our CDN in order to generate an SSL for our migration the communication software Braze. Since sending emails through Braze, we have seen a significant number of what’s called server-clicks - a massive spike in bot clicks looking to make sure our links are safe. Has anyone run into this issue? And have any suggestions? My biggest concern is that our SSL is perhaps not setup correctly.

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Go to and make sure that your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict) .

Thanks ! Our SSL was set to Flexible previously. Do you think this might’ve been causing our server-clicks issue?

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SSL would have nothing to do with the email security platform link testing you described, but since you stated that having your SSL set up correctly was you biggest concern, I thought you deserved to have that addressed.

Have you obtained any information about accounting for such clicks from your click-tracking platform?

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