Email sends, but won't receive messages

Hi everybody, I’m currently able to send, but not receive email via our set up.

A bit of context: We have a different IP for our website and email.

Our website IP Address: {redacted}

Our mail IP Address: {redacted}

I’ve gotten instructions by our mail provider (Heart Internet) to configure our Cloudflare set up as per the image below.

Still not working. Any advice, please?

An additional note: when using DNS checker, our MX records aren’t showing up.

First, shut off the proxy on the mail A record. It should be :grey: and not :orange:.

Then, for the MX record, put @ for the name, not mail. The MX record is for the domain at which you want to receive email, and points to the mail server.


Thanks very much for this i40west,

I’ve just shut the proxy off, so the cloud is now grey.

In the MX record, I dropped in the @ symbol. It looks like that was corrected automatically to our domain name. Does that gel with what I should expect. I’ll attach an image here to be sure you can view.

Best, and thanks again,


Looks good!

Thanks a bunch! Looks like we’re up and running!


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