Email sending but not received from outside of domain email address

Hello Community,

In my domain email is can sent to all the email address, but cannot received email from outside of my domain. I configured correct MX Record, DKIM, SPF. Not sure why cannot received email from external email address like ( @gmail, @hotmail, etc…)

REVERSE DNS (PTR) is required to add in Cloudflare?

You cannot add a valid PTR record in your Cloudflare account. Only the party that manages an IP can create a working PTR record.

Have you used the Community #tutorial yet?

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Thank you for the responds.

Thanks for sharing this video, how to Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues.

Actually my previous setting was working fine, suddenly this monday stopped receiving email from external email address.

You can share your domain name here if you would like the Community to help you troubleshoot. If you prefer not to, you will need to test on your own.