Email Send/Receive DNS/MX Records Issues

Very new to DNS settings, so please bear with me:

I cannot receive email to my outlook account. I’ve done several tests sending emails from a separate Gmail account to my outlook account. Each time, I receive an “Address Not Found” error.

I attempted to add A Record with IP Address and it says CNAME already exists.

I just really need some help! I would so appreciate any guidance!

Extra Info: The email address was purchased from GoDaddy (where I also purchased my domain). I followed all instructions, and according to GoDaddy, all DNS settings are configured properly.

Hi @annakategoshko,

This looks like a bit of an odd configuration to me, depends how GoDaddy have this set up.

To me, I would think that for Outlook, you would need just one MX record pointing to (which you seemed to have until 4 days ago). Maybe someone with more experience with their config can help, however, I would expect that having 3 MX records pointing to, and would not be the right configuration…

The one does not look like it will work anyway as you have no A record for mail.

You were right! I went into my records and deleted all email records and re added them. I’m not sure how/why I have 3 MX Records, but it’s all fixed now.

Wish I had done that several days ago!

Thank you!

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Great! Can see you now just have the one record for which looks right :slight_smile:

Glad it works now! No problem :smile:

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