Email saying I will be billed for rate limiting, I don't use rate lmiting

I received an email saying I would be billed for rate limiting, included as a screenshot below. On all my domains, I am using 0 out of 1 rate limiting rule. I have not used rate limiting anywhere. All my domains look like the attached screenshot below. Why does it say I will be billed? What will happen if I do not add any payment information?


Hi @tegan.mcfa sorry for the confusion. Iā€™d do two things

  1. If the email is in error, Iā€™d reply as indicated and let them know that. But. also you should
  2. Login and go to your profile image ā†’ Billing ā†’ Subscriptions and if Rate limiting is listed, even at zero charge up to the first 10,000 requests, Iā€™d disable it to ensure you are not charged if requests hit 10,001.

Post back and let us know if you have other questions and again, sorry for the outoftheblue email!


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