Email routing with Ezoic + Cloudfare

My site is currently hosted on EZOIC nameservers, and i’ve activated Cloudflare through my Ezoic account. However, im trying to use the email routing option on Cloudflare and it wants me to point to Cloudflare nameservers as well? I’m unsure what to do next.

It seems you did this the wrong way.

Note that there are two ways Ezoic “integrates” with Cloudflare.

If your domain is indeed using Ezoic’s nameservers as you say, then you cannot use any of Cloudflare’s services directly in your own account. Ezoic is a Cloudflare platform partner, and with this approach, you can only use the subset of Cloudflare services Ezoic have integrated into their platform.

This is what Ezoic calls Cloud Integration: Connecting via Name Servers, and this is explained here:

The alternative, which is what you need, is Cloud Integration: Connecting via Cloudflare. Here, your domain will use your own Cloudflare-assigned nameservers (rather than Ezoic’s nameservers)… and Ezoic will “login” to your Cloudflare account to do the integration. This approach is explained here:

With the second approach:

  1. You be able to use all Cloudflare features, including Email Routing.
  2. Ezoic will override your Cloudflare DNS changes… so you’ll need to make all DNS changes from the Ezoic platform, and they will sync it back to Cloudflare automatically.

If you’re not sure which method you’re using, please provide your domain name so I can take a look for you.

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Thanks for the response - I think I need method 2, my nameservers are currently pointed to Ezoic. (Site is hosted there). The website name is styleofpop dot com

What are my options if my site is hosted on ezoic as well? Is there an another way to configure Email Routing besides Namesevers ? (. I already did the MX records & TXT )

Hi, any response to my query below?