Email routing w/o forwarding

does anyone know if i can have regular email routing to a email client using cloudflare WITHOUT forwarding?

No, Cloudflare Email Routing is designed for forwarding.

Or for an advanced case you can write custom code to handle emails from a Worker:

But there is no functionality to send email to an email client directly without these two methods.

so… it’s useless.

If forwarding is not possible for your use-case then yes it would appear so. It is not useless for all the customers who need email forwarding or wish to write serverless code to process their emails.

If you need an end-to-end email hosting solution, you may find many of those online. Cloudflare does not offer one.


thanks. do you know if i can reset my dns to factory settings. i’ve been working on the email dns forwarding which never worked. and now it’s a mess.

You can point your MX records to a mail server you control for your domain if that’s what you’re asking.


do you have any pointers?

Pointers? You would add the Mx records in the DNS control panel that your mail provider furnishes.


this worked. thanks

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