Email routing verification emails

I have set up several domains to forward email to other email address. However I can’t add my main “send as” email as I am not getting the verification emails. Can someone please help?

Looks like the same problem this person had as well.
Email routing verification email - Feedback / Previews & Betas - Cloudflare Community

Hello there,

This issue can come due to a few reasons. However, this issue was previously fixed. Please read: Verification email failed

For more, you may investigate the issue, else escalate to the support team.

I’m trying to escalate that’s why i created this post.

Can you clarify if you are not receining the verification emails from Cloudflare to verify it as a forwarding address or whether it’s a 3rd party verification email for sending that you are not receiving? The post you linked to as the same problem if the former issue but yours sounds like the latter.


Great point @domjh, I show cloudflare emails as being delivered to you @user20444

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Hi @cloonan , I believe I have the same issue, I’ve added an email that belongs to me as destination address. The message says verification email sent and status changes to (Pending verification), However the verification email never arrives to the my destination email address. I’ve tried multiple times, can you please check if my destination email address is in suppression list for some reason?

I do not see any bounced emails, are you still encountering this issue?

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Thanks for reply, unfortunately yes. To be clear, the verification email is for a destination gmail address (owned by me) for email routing for one of my domains.

Is it possible to share my destination email address in private to see if it’s in suppression list?

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