Email routing verification email issues

Seems I’m having a similar issue with the email routing verification email, says it was sent, but I’m not seeing it in the new gmail account (checked spam, checked All Mail). Thanks!

Hi @dmondra2 I moved your reply over to the Email Routing category as the cause of issues are different than account verification.

I suspect this is a timing issue but I’ll dig in to your account to see if I can find anything obvious…back in a bit

I tried the catch all as well, says the same thing, pending verification:

No dice on receiving that verification though…


Email verification generally has been a struggle, but email routing verification seems to now be log-jammed? Tried both a specific email and the catch all, not receiving a verification email. Follow up from

Hi there,

There was email suppression applied on your email address.
I have set the policy to be removed.

Could you please test again from your end?
Are you able to respond back on the ticket #3138467?

Thank you.


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