Email Routing Verification E-mail

I’m testing out the E-mail routing on one of my sites. I am seeing a potential problem. I set up a forward to one of my e-mail addresses, and I get the verification at that e-mail, but when I click “Verify” it asks the person to log in to CloudFlare. Now of course, I have a login to cloudflare, but not everyone I may want to set up a forwarder for will. It appears it still verifies with no problem, but that will confuse end users I may set up.

I had a non-Cloudflare person verify her email. She didn’t say anything about logging in, and it did verify.

Huh, just tested another account and it didn’t give me a login prompt this time. Odd. I know I had the first two tests prompt for a log in. Oh well, that’s good to see.

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