Email Routing using cloudflare on my domain from namecheap

Hi there, I have recently created my professional mail using the Cloudflare email routing feature. But when I send a mail to that professional mail it doesn’t show up, earlier it wasn’t verifying my mail for forwarding but some how that got solved, Now I am stuck on this issue I googled it a lot but didn’t find the right answer.
It only shows one mail that is forwarded, where are my other emails going?
on second my second account its working perfectly fine.

Its because you’ve routed emails to the destination email address. Please check the destination email box.

No, I have checked the destination mail, it’s my Gmail. I don’t see any emails in my inbox in Gmail, I have even created a label for this domain mail.

Fixed it, there was a record missing. I reconfigured everything and now its working fine emails on my website’s mail are now receiving in Gmail.
Thanks for your response.

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