Email Routing to test

Hey there, a few weeks back i have requested access for Email Routing beta for one of my domains.

This sounds so promising, as i have many domains that i can use this for. I would like to test this, is it possible to get accepted?

Kind regards

ping @sven2 at email {redacted - DO NOT SHARE EMAIL ADDRESSES HERE EVER} with the domain and may be the cloudflare email account and you might get a chance to test the email routing

@sven2 do your magic please :slight_smile:

@sven2 Hello Sven could I get access too please?

@sven2 - can I please get access too? My request is sitting there awaiting confirmation.

@sven2 - I’m also interested in email routing access and submitted my request

@sven2 I am currently using for a majority of my domains/emails, but I would like to start testing Cloudflare’s forwarding one of them - request sent.

If this feature gains SMTP-support, then I could migrate from Pobox and pay for the service. Much more convenient to have everything in one place (registrar, DNS, emails…)

Do you mean sending emails from your domain? Currently Cloudflare’s Email Routing only forwards emails and the service is free.

  • I understand the feature is routing only and free. Eagerly waiting to be accepted for the beta preview.
  • In my opinion, sending mail would be the natural evolution of the email features. Email sending rarely is free. As a $NET stock owner, I have to agree with that :slight_smile:
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