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I want to know if Cloudflare will support International Email?

International email arises from the combined provision of internationalized domain names ( IDN )[1] and email address internationalization ( EAI ).[2] The result is email that contains international characters (characters which do not exist in the ASCII character set), encoded as UTF-8, in the email header and in supporting mail transfer protocols.——Wikipedia

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Although Email Routing seems to support the creation of international email addresses, when trying to use Gmail to send mail to this address, it prompts: local-part of envelope RCPT address contains utf8 but remote server did not offer SMTPUTF8

I have also come across this issue. Bounce message from outlook.com states this:

For Email Admins
This issue occurred because the message was sent using the UTF-8 character set, which the receiving email system doesn’t support. […] you can ask the recipient’s email admin to configure their mail server to advertise support for SMTPUTF8, as specified in RFC 6531.

Remote Server returned ‘550 5.1.17 SMTPSEND.Utf8RecipientAddress; UTF-8 recipient address not supported.’

Here is the mentioned RFC: RFC 6531 - SMTP Extension for Internationalized Email

Is this intended?
If you need any help with reproducing the issue, I am happy to help.

International email are currently not supported but it’s on our roadmap.

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