Email routing summary registered other but Activity log find no emails


I’ve received a relatively important email on one of my addresses about a week ago, however, I never received it. The Routing summary does indeed show an email in the “Other” category. According to the documentation this means that it is likely rejected. I’m not sure what caused it to be rejected so I’d like to check that, however, when using the Activity Log section I cannot find any email:

Am I doing something wrong with the filters? Is the Activity Log broken? Should I activate the Log somewhere? And is there still an option to receive this email?
(I did activate that catch all by now)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sakoarts

You are definitely not doing something wrong. I have raised an internal ticket, so that the summary matches the activity log. When this is fixed, you should be able to see/filter on the specific results.

When that is said, then I can’t answer if you will receive the email, as I can’t see why it got the other status.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience here, but I hope going forward that this will not cause you anymore issues.

Hi Louise,

Thank you very much! Don’t worry about this specific email, I reached out to the sender directly and they resend it to a different email address.

Kind regards,

This happened to me as well. I transferred the domain, set up mail forwarding, but nothing is going through and the activity logs say nothing. I’d appreciate any help. The domain is It seems that domain forwarding is working fine, but not email forwarding :frowning:

Now it claims to have forwarded some, but I haven’t received any. (It is forwarding to gmail, which is reliable.) Meanwhile, it has received far more than I have sent, so I guess the emails are bouncing around somehow. Email forwarding is not working at all. Any tips? The MX records were set up by cloudflare.

Here is the forwarded/failed graph now. A major problem is that it claims to have forwarded some but I have received zero. Of course the other major problem is that none of simple email forwards is working. Help?

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I’m having the same issue. Also using Gmail. I received one time sensitive email a day or two late so I’m very confused. Not sure my emails are going through to my client either. Any update on this? I have a number of emails in the “other” category.