Email Routing: some senders complain I'm unreachable by email

I get occasional notifications from senders such as banks that I’m unreachable via email and I should update my email address. Or that they can’t send me e-statements and will switch me to paper statements :frowning:

I’ve also seen cases where I did not receive order confirmation emails when I bought things online.

My forwarding address is Gmail and it seems most emails make it, but apparently not all.

Does Cloudflare keep any logs of attempts that result in fatal errors? Or could it be the case that some senders do not like the Cloudflare MX settings for whatever reason?

If you can contact me through some secure channel I can provide more info which senders are having a hard time and help debug.

Looking at the dashboard I see something like this:

How can I get more info about the “Other” category?

The Activity Log Results doesn’t show anything for Delivery Failed, Rejected, Error, Unknown. The Dropped ones are expected, those are old addresses I’m blocking due to spam.

But the Activity Log seems to be limited to 24h, any plans to see the past 30 days please?

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@sven2 Any ideas? I suspect some mail just doesn’t make it through and I don’t know how to troubleshoot these Other errors as there are no logs going back in time 30 days or so.

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Potentially related thread:

How can we troubleshoot this?

One suggestion: provide storage for emails that fail to forward so we get a chance to look at them/download them. For me under 15 emails per month fail to forward/get an Other error so it should be about no cost to get a raw dump of these emails.

Or just forward them as an attachment from a Cloudflare email address with proper headers, if the original forwarding fails. Losing email is not ideal.

Please see my reponse in the thread that you linked to.