Email Routing service considers the records it set "misconfigured"

I have added a new IDN domain (I suspect IDN is relevant) and configured the email service for it using automatic configuration. Cloudflare has dutifully added the MX records


but it doesn’t recognize them and returns “Email DNS records misconfigured”. When I try to enable the service, it just stays on the record adding page.

I also cannot remove the records since

This record was generated by Cloudflare. It can be removed by disabling Email Routing on your domain

which I also cannot do because Email Routing is not yet enabled and cannot be enabled since “Email DNS records misconfigured” :joy:

How do I get the system to recognize the existing records or reset it to try again?

(yes, I understand that it’s a beta)

To this particular issue? Possibly.

But IDNs are overall not currently supported with Email Routing -

Excellent pointer :dart: Any idea how to get my domain unstuck from this semi-broken state?