Email Routing: Sending outbound email?

I just started trying Email Routing and it seems to work find for inbound mails, but I didn’t see any documentation how to send outbound emails with those forwards as sender.

When I use my existing mail server for that, the installed SPF rule won’t match.

What is the preferred way to send outbound mails ?

Unfortunately, sending e-mails via Cloudflare is currently not possible while using Email Routing service.

I remember there are topics about the same question. May I suggest you to try to find the additional & useful information using the search :search: button.

I know there were solutions, for example if you configured forwarding e-mails from [email protected] to your Gmail account (free), therefore you normally send reply to it via your Gmail account (free).

Otherwise, I am would not recommend to have mixed MX records.

In terms of an SPF, you might want to add your server IP so it would pass - I haven’t experimented with it much yet.

Could be I am wrong on this.

If your destination email service supports “sender aliases” and you edit the automatically generated SPF record to include your service’s sending servers, you can send outbound email without having to involve Cloudflare. If possible (and supported) you should also setup DKIM, but it’s not absolutely necessary. DMARC is happy so long as either SPF or DKIM is setup.

Hello, I am investigating the possibilities of using the forward feature, however being able to ‘send as’ is going to be important.
Now I’m not that familiar with the configuration of dns records… so:
I set up my new domain in cloudfare, lets say it’s I’m forwarding emails to [email protected] to a gmail address. What can I do to allow me to send as [email protected] from the gmail account?
Do I go into my cloudfare domain and edit the spf record to include gmail as a sender? I might add that I am just in testing phase now so I cant break anything ‘that matters’ but I want to have a better understanding of what I’m doing before I jump in!
Thanks for any additional tips.

Okay so that wasnt that hard in the end… certainly helps when it’s a test environment! I just added the SMTP server into the spf record and all is well, works fine.
All works fine. Just not too sure about having to set the gmail account Security setting to Allow LESS Secure apps to allow it’s own smtp server access…

Could you please suggest how exactly SPF record should look like in case I want to use Google SMTP as a sender?
Thank you.

Could you please suggest how exactly SPF record should look like in case I want to use Google SMTP as a sender?
Thank you.

For Google SMTP - you try change TXT SPF record:
v=spf1 ~all
v=spf1 ~all

Thank you!

Next, I am adding another email address under my Gmail account to configure my emails to be sent through my new address at my domain.

Any suggestion, on what to put into SMTP server details?

How did you make it work?

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