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Wich smtp server do you put when asked?

The SMTP server details that your outbound mail provider have provided to you.

Cloudflare’s Email Routing is receiving only, and does not provide a such SMTP service.

As for some of the fancy “tricks” that some people are spreading around:

More and more providers require proper authentication that also aligns with your own domain these days, or otherwise they will put your message in junk or reject it outright.

You will NEVER get that alignment to your own domain name using the fancy “trick” that people talk about.


Cloudflare does not provide any options for sending emails, so it is unclear what you’re asking for.

If you’re talking about the “trick” where people use Cloudflare to forward email to their gmail address and then use gmail for sending with their custom domain:

It is not really worth the effort, as this does not satisfy the SPF alignment criteria, which most of the big email platforms require these days, even if you do not publish a DMARC setting for your domain.

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agree . all the world sees your gmail when you reply to them…

I am not an email expert. Will be interesting if Cloudflare introduces something to fix / mitigate this

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