Email routing reliability

I’ve set up two email routes and I’m concerned about the reliability.

For example, when setting up the second one, I tried to make a custom email routing worker, which wasn’t working for some reason and caused emails to be lost. I switch to plain routing and that same to solve it.

Today, I was looking at the control panel since an email I was expecting didn’t arrive. Under the Email Routing Summary graph, there are various spikes marked as “forwarded” (in blue) and just one marked as “other” (in red).

Here’s the problem:

  1. Activity Log (below the graph) is always empty - no idea why
  2. Adding to that, the “Other” entry is not visible anywhere
  3. I can neither see the reason for the failure, nor the content of the message. The message is essentially lost.
  4. Under DMARC Management, there’s only one source, “Google LLC” - inside of which, there are 4 entries, all marked with “DMARC: Failed, SPF aligned: Failed, DKIM aligned: Failed”. I have no idea what any of that means - was it spam, spoofing or some misconfiguration on my side?
  5. The current setup feels very fragile - will I be notified if/when something breaks and I stop getting emails? (I’m assuming the answer to this is a big no)

If you keep getting these errors, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

I haven’t had any other failures since I started this topic.

At this point, I’d like an answer to the list of problems I mentioned earlier.

For example, the activity log seems to hold info for the last few minutes - it would be useful to have a line of text below (for example) saying “showing activity for the last X minutes”.