Email Routing - Rejecting legitimate email

Hi all,

I’ve recently setup Cloudflare’s email routing and I’ve noticed 4 emails from the same sender have been rejected in the last month. The rejected reason is presumably because it’s unsolicited mail or a virus but the error message is incomplete.

“Unknown error: permanent error (550): 5.7.1 [ 12] Our system has detected that this message is”

There also doesn’t appear to be a way to override this. The sender is a legitimate sender who is trying to contact me about an order. As such, I’ve lost 4 emails which I only know about because I was fortunate enough to check the log. It seems a bit absurd to block emails without notification or the ability to unblock it?

I appreciate this is a beta product but does anyone know of a way round this?

I’m having this same problem with receiving a one-time passcode for accessing an encrypted Office365 email.

There are some issues. Email Routing needs to mature some more before it’s reliable. It also needs to support ARC.