Email routing problems


I’m having some issues with the Email Routing service.

I created an email address using my domain that forwards emails to a Gmail address.

I tried to create an account on Atlassian using my domain email address, but I don’t receive the verification code at my Gmail address.

If I send an email from another account to my domain email address, I receive it. However, no matter how many times I click the button to resend the Atlassian verification code, I don’t receive it.

If I use my Gmail address directly, I receive the code, so I believe there is an issue with Cloudflare when it comes to redirecting Atlassian’s verification emails to my domain’s email address.

Hi there!
The Cloudflare Email Routing shows some information about the e-mails received and the actions taken on them, such as Forwarded , Dropped , or Rejected.

You can see it in the Dashboard like this:

Do you see Atlassian’s validation code e-mail in the list? If not, then probably something needs to be verified in Atlassian’s service side. If you see it as rejected or dropped, usually there would be a description of the reason for that action that can be followed up.

Hope this helps moving forward with this case.

Hi! Thanks for your answer

In the activity log, there are no messages from Atlassian, although there are from other sites.

However, if I use a different email in Atlassian, I do receive the email with the verification code.

Hi there,
Thanks for your response.
If the e-mail is not listed in that area, there is a high chance that it wasn’t delivered to Cloudflare Email Routing service.
I suggest trying to reach out to Atlassian support to see if they observe any error on their side.

Ok, thank you for your support!