Email Routing problem to Gmail

Is there a pattern to which origin addresses are undeliverable? In my case, delivery is flawless, except those emails coming from google itself:

Specifically (although I don’t think it matters), security notification emails google sends to my non-gmail recovery email account, fail to deliver back to a gmail mailbox. The error message “too much unsolicited…” is reasonable, as it looks to google as if an outside actor is impersonating google itself.

Google’s OTP challenges to my external account are accepted for delivery to the gmail mailbox, unlike the security notifications. I think these two types of messages are different security regimes (eg, a faked OTP challenge is not a security event, while an account change notification is)

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I have the same problem and it is affecting only email coming from * [email protected]

Having the same issue here with [email protected]. Was trying to set up my domain as a secondary address for logging in to my Google account and the email bounced with: 4.7.28 Gmail has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail.

What I did was temporarily redirect to ProtonMail, verify, then set it back to Google. Would appreciate a better fix

Same here none of my emails are dropped but the end up in spam

Thank you for this workaround of using Forward Email, it works like a charm!!

Hi Epic

Re: used in conjunction with a user mailbox (since mid twenty teens)

I’m confused; I thought email routing only left Cloudflare beta in 2021? (I refer to this blog post announcing it with great fanfare as a bold new valuable and important key service from Cloudflare)

I’m really not trying to be difficult here; but just want to get to the truth of what services I can rely on, and what services I cannot. Up to know I’ve always trusted that if a service is offered from Cloudflare that it’s rock solid, and that I really shouldnt be using any other service (given my technical skills) since I’d be cutting out all the middlemen.
Since email routing is basically networking with various configurations, this does appear to fit well with within the Cloudflare tech stack.

What I’m getting at, is that I need to know that I can trust Cloudflare announcements. I dont mind if in a few months Cloudflare says, you know, we got it wrong, we cant afford to bring that into our stable, we’ve bitten off more than we can chew and the hassle is not worth the returns …so we’re going to drop that… then that’s business, and it happens some time. BUT, if that does happen, then I really need to know.

Just tell us … if you’re using X, support for that is not going to be continued.

Email is a mission critical service. Just like DNS is. When I originally heard that email routing was available it was like, “wow, that’s fantastic. That removes a huge technical burden and it MADE SENSE.”

Just like when I heard that Cloudflare first started offering domain registrations, that made total sense. Now I have over 300 domains registered through Cloudflare.

I’d hate to hear in a few weeks time some Cloudflare employee saying, “well, if you want mission critical domain name registration then please move it to a paid service.” (afaik, Cloudflare currently don’t charge for domain registration services, they do that for free, and charge the cost price to us)

I’m sure I’ve just misuderstood the offering or something; therefore If we could please get some clarity on the future of email routing at Cloudflare I’d really appreciate it? It will help manage my expectations and risks of putting all my eggs in the Cloudflare basket.

i.e. which services, as a paying (non free) customer, can I realistically expect to be getting the best support and offering in the industry, and which services are not really industrial strength and shouldnt be relied on.

Thank you,

Email forwarding existed decades before Cloudflare was formed, let alone before the beta offering of Cloudflare Email Routing appeared. When Cloudflare introduced their Email Routing beta, I was quite surprised, as email forwarding was already quite untenable many years beforehand. As you partially quoted, I had long ago abandoned the practice of forwarding to personal mailboxes in the mid twenty teens. It is safe to say that all of these Email Routing NDR topics in the Community, which go back as long as Cloudflare has offered Email Routing, are not surprising to me.

I disagree with both your assessment of email routing as

as well as your opinion of its fitness

The latter is simply a difference of opinion and both of ours can exist and be valid, even if they seem to conflict. The former grossly trivializes the amount of complexity involved in email. Much of people’s struggles with email are due to only having an oversimplified understanding of the subject. That’s actually true for a host of self-created technical challenges.

I have shared my opinion on use cases where using Cloudflare registrar makes sense in other topics. I’m not going to rehash it here where it is off-topic.

What to make of various announcements is something that you will have to determine for yourself. As someone who views things from a technical perspective, I am naturally wary of anything presented by marketing departments. I prefer to RTFM.


Aaah, doh; I thought you were a Cloudflare employee.I thought I saw you reply to someone’s question about when the service would be fixed and the reply looked authoritative, and I misread the context. Apologies, this changes everything.

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No, I am not Cloudflare staff. I am also naturally reticent to offer timelines on resolutions to issues that are completely out of my control, so I was probably saying something else.

For the benefit of anyone who may be unsure how to identify Cloudflare staff here in the Community, they will have a Cloudflare logo that spans beyond the circular edge of their avatar. That graphical overlay should provide a robust impediment against impersonation.


Ah, that’s very good to know. In that case …I think it’s best if I do not send a foto of my login credentials to cf_support_992 as he asked me to so that he can help answer my question! hehehe …

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2 years later
we still have the same problem
no one is answering or resolving this from cloudflare