Email Routing page is empty

I created email routing and verified the destination email.
Where can I see the created routing rule? The main area is empty:

click “get started” sir and follow the steps. and add DNS as instructed.

:point_up: if you’ve activated and set up Email Routing, that means you probably already clicked :point_down:

It may be you are in a different account?

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I clicked “Skip getting started” and was prompted to delete an old TXT record and to add new Cloudflare MX and TXT records to enable routing in already existing rule. The Email Routing is enabled now:

Does that mean that I am able to only receive incoming emails and not to send outcoming emails? I have a mail server on my server for this domain. Will my outcoming mails reach the destination addresses with the provided MX and TXT?

Email Routing is for receiving (inbound), and routing the messages elsewhere (“forwarding”), such as for example receiving them on [email protected], and then forwarding to a mailbox that you already have somewhere else, for example [email protected].

Sending messages / outbound email is not possible with Email Routing, and would require an external SMTP relay.

Sending messages / outbound email has nothing to do with your MX record, as that is only for inbound messages.

The TXT change to include Cloudflare in your SPF, is because Cloudflare is doing SRS rewriting on messages that Cloudflare forwards for you, meaning that the envelope from address will be changed to an address on your domain, before passing it on to it’s final destination.

Although SRS rewriting (changing the bounce / return address) technically isn’t mandatory, it is very commonly used in conjunction with email forwarding.

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