Email routing only sending to first email in list

I’ve set up the email routing feature, but have found that it’s only sending to one email address. A lot of my forwarders go to 2 or more people.

I’ve tested it and found that the email only goes to the person listed first, not to anyone else. Is there a way to fix this?


Thank you for asking.

I am not aware if, for example, if you add another destination address and verify it firstly.
Therefore, create a new “custom address” - > in the field type the same alias, but select different destination address (2nd one).
I tried as above stated, and it did not worked (2 custom addresses → same alias, email didn’t come on neither of the two destination addresses).

As it seems currently it is not possible? :thinking:

And here I found, unfortunately this is currently not possible:

I can see there is feature request for this already.
Kindly, if interested and you would like to have this feature, please vote for this here:

That’s unfortunate. I hope there’s an update soon. I can’t really use it without that feature.

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